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The Neuroplastic Transformation workbook presents a revolutionary treatment for the millions of people suffering with the disease of persistent pain. The authors have developed an innovative approach to reverse runaway pain by harnessing the brain’s amazing neuroplastic ability to heal the body. The program presented in this workbook applies the discoveries of cutting edge research in the fields of Pain Medicine, Neurology, Immunology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience to help people transition from a life of chronic pain to a life of health and wellness The book can be used independently or as a tool for an interactive partnership between practitioner and patient. Although it has been designed to work with the Workbook section of the the website, it is also an excellent standalone guide. It can be used by practitioners with their patients or as an independent guide for people living with persistent pain, their families, friends and other interested parties.

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25 books or more……………….$30.00 per book plus tax, shipping and handling

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Brain Music

Brain Music: Default Mode Network- Downloadable MP3 sounds that load onto your computer, then can be loaded onto your smartphone or MP3 player. This music was designed to capture the rhythm of the brain’s resting state networks and excessively firing nerve cells to calm, soothe and stimulate brain and body pleasure circuits. For those of you with iPhones or iPads a better plan is to search and download Brain Music: Default Mode Network from iTunes. This will load directly to your Apple Device.


debalm Peppermint Blend Oil- A blend of essential oils designed to activate the scent circuit in a soothing, stimulating and centering way. it’s debalm.


Raw Cacao Butter Brain- Raw cacao is a natural anti-inflammatory. Rub this on areas where you hurt for soothing, stimulating and pleasure. Lovely, subtle scent of chocolate adds to the delight.

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