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Founders and Directors of Neuroplastix, Marla Golden, DO and Michael Moskowitz, MD have worked together to develop neuroplastic treatment approaches in each of their practices for several years. They have used these approaches with their patients and have incorporated them as the core treatment for patients with persistent pain. Both are board certified in pain medicine by the American Board of Pain Medicine. Their approach to treatment of persistent pain takes into account that this type of pain develops because of neuroplastic change in the Central Nervous System, marking the transition of pain from a symptom to a disease. Additionally, the brain directs changes in the rest of the body based upon the alterations that have occurred due to it’s own changes secondary to input from the periphery. Although current treatment approaches can be effective, there is a lack of a cohesive core to treatment. Since the disease of pain is a neuroplastic process, all successful treatment must either suppress or reverse it. Incorporating treatment approaches to reverse neuroplasticity is the only sensible way to treat persistent pain. Dr. Golden and Dr. Moskowitz have dedicated themselves to the development and promotion of neuroplastic treatment approaches to reverse persistent pain and return the body and brain to normal function.

Marla D Golden, DO

Michael H. Moskowitz, MD

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