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Change the Brain; Relieve the Pain; Transform the Person

Living in Crisis Mode
(Workbook Page 55)

Read the text on page 55 of the Neuroplastic Transformation Workbook. The crisis mode can easily become a way of life. Pain, depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, stress and fear reorganize the brain. Processes are set in motion that establish a constant state of agitation. The persistence of these symptoms, occurring separately or together, shuts down the brain’s self-soothing responses. The ability to detect conflict, problems solve it and respond appropriately are lost. The brain’s ability to make decisions based upon order of importance is diminished. Choices are made out of a sense of desperation. The wisdom of experience becomes inaccessible. The brain releases more glutamate, the main excitatory neurotransmitter. Review the graphic on page 56 of the Neuroplastic Transformation Workbook. When more glutamate is released into mood and pain pathways, the brain becomes too excited. Long-term nerve firing in pain and mood circuits increases and more Substance-P is released expanding the pain map. The person experiencing these changes feels unrelenting pain and a constant state of dread. Expectations of more pain and more depression take over.

Recognizing crisis mode living is the first step to bringing it under control. Counter-stimulate this with soothing, calming and effective problem solving. Do not allow fear to color your decisions. Do everything you can to turn on higher brain functions and modify the crisis mode input. Remember who you really are and tell your brain to be calm. Look at the graphic on page 55 of the Neuroplastic Transformation Workbook.
Now look at this animation.

When an individual self-soothes circuits from the insula release GABA into the amygdala. This calms down the ret of the circuitry involved in mood and pain regulation and control.

Picture the insula in your own brain releasing soothing, calming GABA into the Amygdala. Look at this animation of the same process. Feel the relief in your own brain of agitation, fear, anxiety and pain.

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