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Change the Brain; Relieve the Pain; Transform the Person

(Workbook Page 69)

One of the best ways to get Anandamide is by eating raw chocolate/cacao! Yes, it’s true. Raw chocolate really does have medicinal and therapeutic benefit. These include anti-inflammatory and pleasure effects. Have it raw for the anandamide, the flavonoids, the magnesium and watch it lift your mood and make you feel better. Rubbing on cocoa butter enhances the sensory pleasure of touch. Better yet, rubbing on raw cacao butter adds topical flavonoids and anandamide. Raw cacao nibs are quite bitter, but when mixed with the sweet chocolate flavor of a piece of dark chocolate, that bitterness transforms to a richer chocolate flavor than either component. This is a direct example of neuroplasticity. The brain cannot “taste” bitterness in the face of sweet. So eat it, rub it on, let it melt in your mouth!

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