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Change the Brain; Relieve the Pain; Transform the Person

No Brain, No Pain
(Workbook Page 26)

Pain is processed and perceived in the brain and felt in the body. Signals are sent from the body, the brain processes them, locates the signal input and responds in various ways. The person perceives the sensation and the body reacts via the brain’s directive. Almost every stimulus perceived by the brain is transmitted via the spinal cord. It may be painful or non-painful stimulus based on the intensity of the signal and the type of receptor in the body that is activated. Pain is a warning of danger threatening a person’s survival in a normal setting. The perception of pain is not a bad thing. The sensation of pain feels bad but it is essential to survival.

Traditionally, the transmission of pain is presented as occurring only through the electrical signaling from the body through the spinal cord to the brain and back out again. In reality, pain signal transmission occurs instantaneously and simultaneously at multiple levels via various chemical and cellular reactions. Still, the brain processes and perceives and the body senses. Said another way, what we feel in the body is what we perceive in the brain.
The two are one thing.

Our Bodies are our brains. Our brains are our bodies. The exist as one, the being, the whole, simultaneously. Sensory input from the body informs the brain. The brain instructs the body how to respond. Changing one part changes the whole.

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