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Change the Brain; Relieve the Pain; Transform the Person

The Pleasure of Your Company

The pleasures of social interaction are critical to the survival and evolution of our species. Our experience of life is nurtured and enriched by the relationships we have. Each person we meet has something to teach us, directly or indirectly. We become defined by those around us; where we fit; how we are perceived; how we act and interact. We develop values, morals, habits and customs based on where we live, our needs, the needs of the community, our ethnicity and heritage. Developing relationships and being connected to a group of individuals creates a sense of belonging. Our special talents become evident. We do what we are able to do within the group. We each have our roles. It is so important to have, build and nurture relationships because they connect us to the world and life. We give of ourselves and take others in. Pain draws people emotionally and physically into themselves. Relationships are another direct way into our own brains and those of others. Having meaningful relationships with others helps us wire away from pain.

Are you fully participating in your close relationships? Have you told anyone you love them today? Are you making an effort to help anyone else? Have you been hugged lately? Have you hugged anyone else? When did you last speak to your best friend? Think about who has had the most profound influence in your life and ask them for help now. Who do you consider close family? Give them a call.

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