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Change the Brain; Relieve the Pain; Transform the Person

(Workbook Page 72)

Oxytocin connects people, soothes pain, reduces stress and enhances love. Review the text on page 71 of the Neuroplastic Transformation workbook. Oxytocin is responsible for social memory, recognition and bonding in and between both genders. Oxytocin quiets aggressive impulses in the amygdala and is involved in positive human sexual response. It reduces anxiety. Pain decreases Oxytocin levels throughout the brain and higher oxytocin levels reduce pain. Staying connected to loved ones, friends and colleagues is essential to maintaining healthy oxytocin levels.

Do we really need to care about our Oxytocin, endorphin, anandamide and GABA levels? These four pleasure chemicals paint life with a positive value. Why should this matter to anyone? The answer to these questions is that all human behavior and experience is really a manifestation of balance between complex biological systems. Persistent pain throws off this balance. Pain is reduced by pursuing pleasure, maintaining well-being and enjoying a well-lived life. The choice remains the same, regardless of an individual’s knowledge of neurochemistry. AVOID PAIN! PURSUE PLEASURE!

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