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The Vision Statement on the Organization Page of this site starts off by boldly stating our goal to cure persistent pain. For decades we have talked about managing our patients’ pain, but the idea of cure has never been suggested. Chronic pain has been viewed as a symptom beyond the ability of cure, something that is controlled in the spinal cord and is physiologically determined by the extent and type of the injury that caused it. Pain has been divided between acute and chronic, with various schemes for defining chronicity, i.e. pain that lasts greater than three to six months, pain caused by nerve injury, pain caused by unrelenting inflammatory processes, pain caused by injury to the spinal cord or brain, etc. The term itself, “Chronic Pain,” indicates some time factor. We choose the term “Persistent Pain,” as a better descriptor of the problem. The definition of persistent pain is pain that is abnormal and is caused by alterations of the nervous system due to neuroplastically determined changes in the brain-body loop leading to pain intransigence. Unlike acute pain, persistent pain is not a symptom, but is a disease marked by genetic, molecular, cellular, anatomic, physiologic, electrical and functional changes in the brain, all determined and perpetuated by neuroplastic processes.

This part of the website is dedicated to helping professionals use resources to integrate neuroplastic principles into their treatment of people with persistent pain. It includes an introductory lecture on this subject and announcements of more in-depth courses to be presented around the country to augment and enhance the ability to make this approach the centerpiece of treating patients with persistent pain. Also included in this section is a bibliography and the opportunity to participate in a constantly updating literature review of principles of neuroplastic pain processes and treatment. Bulk products will be available for purchase to augment patient treatment approaches.

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