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Music to My Ears
(Workbook Page 68)

Our sense of hearing is another way to soothe and wire away from persistent pain signals. Sound as music can be soothing and stimulating. The type of music that soothes will be unique to the individual but in it’s broadest sense, music is one of the most pleasurable aspects of life. It moves us and makes us want to move our bodies. Music can make us happy or sad. It speaks to our soul. It calms us and stimulates us. It ties into the times of our lives and keeps time in our lives. We remember certain special events or eras based on the songs or popular music of the day. It associates sound and melodies with autobiographical memory. We can remember the theme song of a prom or our wedding song.

Sounds of many types provide sensory pleasurable and soothing experiences. Perhaps it’s the sound of your mother’s voice, a child’s laughter, the sound of a train rumbling down tracks, the sound of the ocean, the hum of background noise. Even the absence of sound stimulates auditory circuits. Sound is linked to our experience and our sense of self.

Make playlists of your favorite and most soothing music. Set them up for pure pleasure or for soothing and comforting during difficult times. Music is one of the best ways to get into the flow. Play an instrument or sing a song. Bang a drum. Go to a concert. Listen to something you haven’t listened to in years. Get lost in the music and see where it takes you. When you return, leave your pain behind. Find your rhythm.

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